With the help of our application „beyond energy“, utilities increase their customer loyalty and reduce their churn rate.

“The competition in the end-user market remains very intense in both electricity and gas business. The cumulative churn rate in German households was 42,2% in Mai 2016.”

From energy supplier to energy consultant. Deliver added value far from any price discussion.


  • Inform your customers if their washing machine uses unusually much electricity compared to other similar devices.
  • Thrill with profit estimates for the purchase of new electronic devices or photovoltaic systems – totally individual for each customer
  • Advise your client on how they could noticeably reduce their energy consumption
  • Provide them statistics of their electricity consumption compared to the market
  • All of that totally automatic and without increased costs for you as energy supplier



  • Usage: “TV is on 14h pro week”
  • Predictions : “your monthly payments are likely to be reduced by 8 EUR.”
  • Ecological aspects/CO2 : “the freezer saves 123 kg/CO2 per year compared to the average”PushMitteilungen

Push notifications :

  • Alarm : “the heating fan hasn´t been turned off for 1h”
  • Status messages : “washing machine is done with laundering”
  • Reminders : “the fridge door is apparently open”


Comfort functions

  • Turn it on/off with your smartphone
  • StandByKiller : device can be disconnected if power consumption of stand by mode is too high



As electricity supplier the use of our product enables you to:

  • Rate the churn risk of your customers
  • Manage campaigns to increase customer loyalty
  • Establish an online service portal to better handle customer question and complaints
  • And many more



Be ahead of your competition with value added services for your customers

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