Enterprise Package for SAP Sales Cloud
(SAP Hybris C4C)

from Salesforce.com to SAP Sales Cloud

Your all in one worry-free Solution

From Salesforce.com to SAP Sales Cloud including inventory data? How does the export work? How to do the import? How do I secure assets and dynamic data associated to customers and contacts?

Take care of your core business, we will take care of your system and data

The Enterprise Package offers an all-in-one solution for the complete migration of your customer data from Salesforce.com to SAP Sales Cloud. And talking about all data, means all the data for IBsolution. Without any losses we transfer Contacts, Customers, Campaigns, Opportunities, Leads, Attachments and Activities. Everything you acquired, stays preserved. We vouch for it.

All content in a new shape – ready to be improved

Package Content:


  • Basics workshop
  • Set Up, basic configuration and provision of your SAP Sales Cloud, Test-and productive System
  • Standard interfaces to migrate customer master data (customer, customer hierarchy, contacts) dynamic data (Leads, Opportunities, campaigns, activities), Attachments including 20 customer-specific fields (Z-fields)
  • Data migration of up to 50.000 data sets in the mix of customers, partners and competitors, including associated dynamic data
  • Data quality check while importing data and post processing of the imported data, if necessary
  • Optional: 8h Remote Support*

*Optional Cost for Remote Support: 1,100.- €